People of the Fediverse, I need your help...

What is the best ad-blocker addon for ?

@kev Just a traditional style ad blocker? I'd recommend uBlock Origin.

@Adam_Stambaugh that's the one I was trying to think of. Thank you, kindly!!

@kev uBlock origin is king 😃. I also use Cookie Autodelete and uMatrix

Privacy badger, https everywhere, cookie auto delete and ublock origin is what I use with Firefox :-D

@sir @kev

not disagreeing, but I've found uMatrix also very ... educational


uBlock Origin

without question (imo)

coming in 2nd, maybe: Privacy Badger

@kev uBlock Origin! No doubts!
The complete privacy setup (IMHO) is
uBlock Origin + Decentraleyes + uMatrix + Privacy Badger + HTTPS Everywhere + Neat URL

I never heard of Neat URL, I'll check it out. I'm glad doesn't limit the number of add-on cause I got a ton of them!

@kev U-Block and No Script --- will kill everything

@kev uBlock Origin for local system. PiHole for network. Both cover pretty much everything.

This is my exact setup... 1 250 000 domains blocked on PiHole... 😇 I think I went too far with the blocklists xD. Configured ddwrt to redirect all dns quesried to the local network too.

@kev have you considered pihole instead? Pretty easy and problem free.

@polywog yeah, but that won’t work when I’m outside of my network.

@kev If you’re running Linux on your laptop, you could set up lxc to run pihole in a container. It’s really light weight, and you’d be bringing a protected DNS server with you wherever you go.

@kev Use uBlock Origin and also have a pi-hole for blocking ads on my mobile devices.

@kev I have been playing with which can do all that ublock does and more, plus I can do it before it even gets to me. think pihole in the cloud. so all devices same policies!!

@davidmcdougal @kev I went to their site. I dont understand exactly how they work. Can you help?

@pranav @kev you setup the filters you want and point your device at the DNS servers from then and the traffic is filtered. It is the same way that pihole works or any other DNS provider just that you can control the filters to apply to the traffic including individual white/blacklists

>the best ad-blocker addon
There's no best ad-blocker for firefox.
You can use ublock origin whitch is a generic blocker that uses a blacklist system. Go in the preferences and enable pr add the lists in it, you even have ad lists.
I recommend using the dynamics filtering system which is much more usefull than using blacklists. For that you need to active the advance user mode in the settings.
Once you'll master dynamics filtering in uBlock origin I suggest using umatrix which is a better solution for dynamic filtering.

@popey I really need to get that done. Will do it this weekend if the weather is still crap.

Needed something for when I’m off my LAN though.

@kev @popey setup a VPN to your home with PiVPN and forward your mobile traffic through the pihole ;) works great for me


Also AdNauseam is a fork of uBlock Origin so you get that for free.

@dyamon @kev I like that it clicks random adverts confusing the profile "they" have on me :D

@kev I use Privacy badger. Actually it isn't an ad blocker, but tracker blocker, but most ads are trackers, so it blocks them.


Ublock Origin, and what the other people recommended although I would recommend Privacy Possum over Privacy Badger and maybe Smart HTTPS over HTTPS Everywhere.

@kev I can't provide a complete overview of ad-blockers but I'm using uBlock Origin for years now and I love it.

It depends if you are on or have access to your home network or not. If you do then definitely. If you don't then I'd suggest for Android or Nano Ad Blocker just for Firefox, but then you are maintaining multiple lists.

When I get faster upload speeds I'll probably setup a vpn to home and just use pihole.

@kev As mentioned already in the thread, I would say uBlock Origin. Plenty of options to configure that suits ones need.

@kev I just use noscript, untrust by default everything except for maybe 5 websites, mark as explicitely untrusted a handful of clear trackers and enable temporarily what I need to visit each individual website.

Yes, it is painful, but it helps me decide whether I really want to visit that website and at what price.

@kev There's also an package called luci-adblock which is similar to PiHole. Saves you another piece of hardware if you happen to already run openwrt on your router.

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