Hey @tootapp I love the new iPad interface. However, it would be great to have the ability to shrink the sidebar to just icons (or hide it completely), so it doesn’t take up a 3rd or the screen. Is there somewhere I can make a feature request please?

@kev There is t really an easy way to design that, as the list has custom content like lists in.

@tootapp so the menu can’t fold in to the left? I’m pretty sure that feature is standard in a lot of software.

@kev Lists and hashtags would turn in to list of identical icons.

@tootapp yeah, but a user could expand the sidebar, choose their list, then hide it again. Personally, I’d much rather have the option to hide the sidebar, than be forced to have it visible permanently.

I know it is kinda unrelated but can you talk about the current features.
Does it have toot bookmarking and drafting?

@murtezayesil Not sure what you mean by bookmarking? I don’t believe you can save drafts, no. But they’re only 500 characters, so I don’t really care about that.


Bookmarking is kinda like favoriting toots but not favoriting.
A bookmarked toot is easy to access. No need to scroll in senders feed to find it.

@murtezayesil can’t say I’ve ever had that requirement to be honest. If I needed to do that, I’d open the link to the toot in my browser and bookmark it there.


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