If you have something to say that’s so long it needs 8 toots to say it, maybe you should just write a blog post? 😉

@pranav no one specifically. I see lots of multi-toot posts, so it was aimed at a lot of people.

• 8-toots-ful of content won't make for a long enough blog post
• I haven't seen a free-as-in-beer AP-powered non-micro-blogging platform (suggestions welcome!), I assume most haven't either

You did not heard of @writefreely / @write_as ?
Nor #Plume ?

Even #Pleroma with a default to 1024 chars or #Friendica are not that micro.

@Zykino I have, but @write_as requires a paid account in order to post non-anonymously (or did I miss something?), and @writefreely requires self-hosting, so I'd again have to pay for it (or does anyone host a free-to-use instance?)

I'm not sure but it's the same peoples behind both.

I know plume has some opens instances
@write_as @writefreely

@Zykino @bugaevc @writefreely Our "trial" on is free and unlimited, time-wise. Great for a blog that you update infrequently:

Otherwise some instances are here: and here:

@write_as @Zykino @writefreely @rtwx wow, thanks a lot for all the suggestions! I'll definitely consider using Plume or a trial account!

@bugaevc @Zykino @write_as is free to use!
Also, with a few tweaks even mastodon allows for as long a post as you need ( is at 4096 chars)

@bugaevc surely a blog post can be as long or as short as you want it to be?

@kev @bugaevc indeed. platforms like Medium, Tumblr and the ilk might have reinforced the academic (it has to be at least four paragraphs) notion of an essay

@bugaevc @kev is all about blogging and it's focused on AP.

And tbh, two toots could fit into a blog post (since they're capped at 500 chars)

@kev Are you talking about a case of verbosity (one long-winded thought split over 8 dense toots) or stream of consciousness (one or more tangential thoughts, poorly articulated across 8 short toots)?

@sean I haven’t honestly given that much thought to it. It was just a flippant remark. I don’t actually care if someone multi-toots (did I just coin a new phrase?) I was just being silly.

@kev An observation, character limits for posts/toots/whatnot are instance-specific, correct? Is there a de facto "standard" for max length?
@kev Perhaps so, but I wonder how many instances stick to the default? Just curious if there is a consensus value. IMO, 500 seems a bit low. My own (Friendica) instance is set considerably higher.

@sean we stick to 500 on Fosstodon. Personally, I don’t recall ever struggling with that limit and needing to multi-toot.

@kev does your instance support the "collapse long toots" thing? 🤔

@kev but what about long replies? writing a blog post to respond to a toot is less convenient than simply threading your replies. the thread is both more digestible and also immediately present.

...hmm, i think this would be more interesting if mastodon actually supported authoring Article objects that didn't have character limits...

@trwnh @kev yeah I was going to say this is a more of a fault of the client

@trwnh if it were me, I’d construct my response so it didn’t need multiple toots.

@kev that doesn't really work when you have a lot to address

@trwnh which brings me back to my original point - if you have a lot to address, a micro blogging platform probably isn’t the right place to do that.

@kev well, that brings me back to my point as well -- that threaded replies are more convenient than switching environments entirely, then pasting a link to a blog post in reply to someone. Thus, it would be convenient to have native support for posting slightly-longer-form content. The jump from 500 characters to 4000 characters is not unrealistic, especially for extended substantive discussions.

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