Why doesn't have CalDAV/CardDAV support out of the box? Seems strange that they don't support such open standards by default.

What do you mean? There is lightning calendar and contacts addon which you can use to synchronise your calendar/contacts online. I know it works with Nextcloud, but haven't used it for months.

@johnathan012 @kev
Except on *ubuntu the Lightning calendar is already integrated into Thunderbird with Cal/CardDav support out of the box.
Maybe you should be more precise regarding your operating system and Thunderbird version before complaining...

@kev to be fair, thunderbird hasn't been really maintained for some time now, so probably no one's bothered to get to it.

@MrControl @kev I think your impression of is out of date. They've re-invested in it, hired a full-time team, and pushed out multiple releases in the last year. It's having a comeback moment right now.

Here's their roadmap for 2019:

@apetresc TIL! Had no idea they were back on it. Downloading now.

@MrControl @kev Thunderbird has had dedicated developers for some time now, and they are pushing out new releases.

@kev @MrControl

the answer given by @johnathan012 is correct. Lightning has been part of the standard Thunderbird installation since Thunderbird 38. It supports CalDAV as well as CardDAV. Please don't post or boost false information. Thanks :)

@zalandocalrissian @MrControl @opentrash @johnathan012 ok folks, let's untwist those panties shall we?

Granted, Lightning supports CalDAV, I'll give you guys that - oversight on my part there, sorry. But from what I can see, CardDAV is not supported out of the box. What am I missing?

Please note: I'm not really bothered, as I use Evolution which has both bundled in by default without the need for plugins. :-D

@kev @zalandocalrissian @MrControl @opentrash
My intention wasn't to be aggressive, I just wanted to be helpful. There is addon which enables you synchronisation with online accounts.
Addon description: "A new Thunderbird address book based on the CardDAV and vCard standards"
Gitlab source:

@johnathan012 you didn’t come across as aggressive, and my flippant remark wasn’t aimed at you. 👍

I’m aware plugins exist that add the functionality, but I would have thought it would be available without them on an app like Thunderbird.

To me it’s like having Firefox without bookmark support.

@kev Yes, I understand you, and I agree that it should be integrated in Thunderbird. But its not much of a bother to install it, just few clicks away and CardBook is open source. I stopped using Thunderbird because I switched to different e-mail provider which doesn't support IMAP so I might be lagging behind, but I know Lightning and CardBook worked for me with Nextcloud, they should also work with other providers.

@kev I too think about it. Have to use so many plugins just to have decent contacts syncing

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