I wrote some thoughts about . Not sure everyone will agree, but thought I'd publish them nonetheless.


There is another angle to the arguement relating to mass surveillance and data collection beyond (just) the privacy aspect that I feel is best covered by the following quote

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

@kev the defeatist angle saying "they know everything anyway" really frustrates me. Privacy isn't some binary switch, every thing you manage to protect is one less thing that's fed to the big brother data gobblers and one less thing to threaten democracy and our liberal way of life, now or in the future when the powers that be might turn for the -even- worse (and the data is still stored at the FAANG)

@Matter @kev not only this but there isn't a single threat to privacy, there are corporations, scammers, governments, etc all with different levels of access and all of which you may want different protections from.


The painful 'soul tearing' part of it is, We gifted our data upon these now gargantuan entities in ignorance not really understanding at the time the potential for actual harm it could do to us.

it seems very few of us have realised the efforts required to course correct or even limit the wider damage that could yet be done

The saying goes ""Ignorance is Bliss" which is why I think most people choose to brush off the ugly truth by normalising the practce of surveillance capitalism and vilifying the act of attempting to break free of it


@kev @Matter

If they already have all our info, that just means we have to break all their servers.

@kev typo: "... you have not[h]ing to say." -Unknown
Now back to the article! 😝

@blunaxela that already got pointed out and I fixed it, although I forgot to clear the cache doh! Should be good now. Thanks.

@kev Why accept the narcissism implied in the original statement? How society functions shouldn't be based on if I have something to hide or not. Fuck that. We can easily point to people for whom hiding something is a life or death situation. The better question is if we are willing to be complicit in that oppression.

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