You know, I think about data protection and all that. I think about privacy. I hear everyone blame the companies for all their privacy woes and all I hear is whining. I have whined about it too I guess. Google never lied about their intentions. They were very upfront with how you paid for their awesome and free products. I feel like FAANG shouldn't be apologizing or taking responsibility. The user gave up responsibility willingly and it is up to the user to take back responsibility.

@poetgrant That's true to a certain extent, if you're actually using their products, but several of the members also track and maintain extensive data about you even when you don't use their product. That is not because the user chose to use those services, but because site owners the users visits (invisibly) chose to use particular services. This tracking has become so extensive it's difficult to fully extricate yourself.

That is why I tend to see websites similarly to people's homes. It is their home and you enter at your own risk. The issue with tracking that I do have is that it follows you, but if you are being tracked and data collected about you in someone's home, maybe you shouldn't visit their home.


@poetgrant that’s a really bad analogy which falls short on a number of levels. First and foremost, your home is a private, safe place for you and your family. A website is a public place that is supposed to be anything but private.


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