Fosstodon is now on Mastodon version 2.7.0 that brings some interesting new features, including the new directory (

Currently, I'm the only person on our directory. If you want to be listed, you can enable it within your account settings.

@kev This new update looks pretty cool. The scrollbar colors are also fixed

Thanks for the heads up. Added myself to the directory also. 👍

@kev Pumped we are already there. I love staying as close to release as possible.

@kev pro tip: Add your interests to the about-me section of your profile using hashtags :)

@kev Any chance this'll ever get a trending topics feature?

@farhan that’s been a topic of much contention in the past. I’m not sure is the short answer.

@Gargron is the Mastodon lead and may be able to you more.

@kev @Gargron I'm so into that feature, I almost want to sponsor it.

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