@kev When I was a at uni a PhD student's laptop got stolen with at least 5 years of data on it. No backup at all 😱

@kev Most likely did.. put out a reward and everything.

@mike @kev I've seen that. I had a similar experience when I was working at my University. Only in my case, I got a call from a prof claiming his computer was making a weird noise. When we got there, you could hear the read/write heads grinding on the platters. Total loss. Same story regarding backups and years of data. That guy plopped down in the middle of his office floor.

We took the hard drive apart later. The platters looked like someone played Frisbee with them in the parking lot.

@kev Sounds like a UPS with decent filtering will be the next purchase for you ...

@kev The one thing I learned about backups is that they really aren’t backups unless you’re validating that you can restore the data regularly. Hope all gets put back together for ya soon.

@mookie I do regularly test restoral, but that only works if you have something to restore from. 🙂

@kev why have I only just found to blog Kev !!!!!

@kev I'm joking! you should mention it more on here 👍

@kev that sounded horribly sarcastic , I mean I'm sure a lot of people are not aware you do a great blog, you should post to it more often

@GreyLinux I do tend to post in here if I write something on there that people here may find interesting. It’s like most things though - it’s all about having the time.

@kev I can only imagine the feeling of realizing all that data coule be gone :(
I wish you a successful backup backup ;)

@vancha I felt sick to my stomach - horrible feeling!

@jason hahaha that’s pretty apt, actually! Luckily my drives were alive when I looked inside the box!

@kev looks like you’re getting some good “advice” from the HN crowd today too! 🙄


@samir hahaha yep. The HN crown never fail. 😂😂

@kev What a rush, eh? What have you come up with so far for 'robust'?

@lee8oi that would be telling, you’ll see soon. 🙂

@kev I know this is too late but I highly recommend backblaze.com

I'm backing up a fair amount with them for not that much £


@kev legitimately curious: were the drives all purchased at the same time from the same manufacturer? My boss used to have this paranoia in raid setups that all of the drives from the same assembly line would fail at the exact same time. Never really found out if that was true or an urban legend.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, I look forward to hearing your backup solution. 🙂

@jish I’m sure the risk is raised if they’re from the same batch, but I imagine that would be negligible. They were all purchased at the same time, but all disks are fine (thank God).

@kev just saw this on the hackernews frontpage good article!

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