Wait... so can you not access the file system on an iOS device? How do you transfer music and stuff? Like real FLAC files and stuff... wait... you don't have an SD card port?

How do you people use iPhones?

@poetgrant iPhone are for people who don't want to access the file system. They take the phone use it and that's it.

@tursiops interesting... my mother wanted me to help get an mp3 file on her phone as a ringtone and I am just now realizing that I can't without maybe iTunes? Even then... I just don't understand. Why can't I just access the onboard storage device?

@poetgrant @tursiops yeah, you would do it through iTunes, or put it online somewhere and download it to the device.

I don’t put any music on my iPhone (do people actually still do that?) between Spotify, google music and Apple Music, I don’t see the need. Personally I use Spotify.

@kev @poetgrant personally I use my own plex server so no need for me either

@tursiops @poetgrant I used to do the same thing from my Synology. I soon learned that Spotify was way better though.

@kev @poetgrant well I have a lot of really obscure songs and artists that I don't think any streaming service would have. Also I don't want to suddenly realize that I cannot listen to someone because it's been pulled from the catalog. I also use plex for my movies and series so it's quite convenient.


@tursiops @poetgrant luckily got for me, they have all the Barbie Girl, Westlife and Boyzone tracks available, so I’m good. 😁

@kev @tursiops @poetgrant
I have an extensive library of ripped CDs and purchased MP3 files that I like to keep on an SD card on my phone. I listen to several music podcasts for newer music, and I subscribe to Amazon Music to check out new releases that I might want to pick up.

But I'm also one of those weirdos that prefers an audio jack and wired headphones, too. YMMV 👍🎧🎵🎶

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