Only just set up the new keyboard, but I'm really happy so far. This thing is REALLY solid, and gorgeous to type on!

@hund I really do! Thank you so much for the advice.

@kev Looks really nice. I recently went back to a mechanical keyboard after seeing all the stuff @hund was doing, but I bought a fairly generic ProHT keyboard. It's nice (much nicer than what I was using), but I still feel the pangs of jealousy when I see some of these other keyboards you guys are using. Keyboard envy? Is that a thing? I can feel myself starting a keyboard collection at this rate.

@mike @hund @kev Keyboard envy is definitely a thing. Right now I am thinking about getting another keyboard or a keycap set, and my last keyboard is only 7 months old, just because of some of the posts here. xD

@hund @parasurv @mike haha I think keyboard envy is definitely a thing too, but I don't have it anymore! :-)

@mike @kev @hund

On this system I type on a full size 102 key keyboard that says IBM. Weighs a ton and goes click click click.

I am also a fan of vintage Keytronics keyboards.

@kev @trawzified

I've been thinking about browns. Did you try any others before those?

@kev Oh this really makes me want to change keycaps, but there's almost nothing available in my locale that's also transparent for the backlight...

@Matter ah, yeah. Mine isn't backlit as my office is pretty bright anyway and I tend not to look at the keyboard when I type most of the time either.

kb lights add at least 5mhz per LED. You should reconsider @kev 😆

@hund was making a joke that the lights make your pc go faster. @kev @Matter

@unicornfarts @Matter @kev Oh, haha! I was thinking about that, but then I started overthinking it and confused myself. :P

@kev absolutely gorgeous piece of kit, cherry blues? 🤩 I'm currently packing a budget mech but with some nice retro-inspired keycaps.

@kev I also just got a new keyboard with Cherry MX Browns, but it's not nearly as pretty as that!

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