I just published my first article to the Fosstodon Hub community blog - Do you have to use an Open Source OS to be a FOSS contributor?


If you're interested in contributing to the community blog, take a look here - hub.fosstodon.org/about

Well written article. So you decided to start with a bang! At least it's not emacs vs Vim ☺.

I personally dislike it when somebody starts talking about free and open software and then uses a Mac or windows. It feels disingenuous to me.

There might be exceptions, like somebody who works on servers, but still, for me, it's a minus on the tally before the talk has even started.

Despite disagreeing, good article 👍

#opinion #foss


@Qwxlea or nano vs vi!

I get what you're saying, and I can certainly see why people have that opinion. 👍

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