I just published my first article to the Fosstodon Hub community blog - Do you have to use an Open Source OS to be a FOSS contributor?

If you're interested in contributing to the community blog, take a look here -

Full disclosure - @popey gets a mention in the article, but it's purely anecdotal. He was the first name that popped in to my head. 🙂

@kev Nicely said. I, personally, run macOS on most of my machines but Linux on as much infrastructure as I can muster.

@kev couldn't agree more. I started using Linux properly a few months ago after a long (15ish years) hiatus, before that I was on Windows full time and I caught so much flack for trying to get various tools working on that platform.

If you think people are hostile about OS choices, try asking about vim or Emacs support on Windows!

Well written article. So you decided to start with a bang! At least it's not emacs vs Vim ☺.

I personally dislike it when somebody starts talking about free and open software and then uses a Mac or windows. It feels disingenuous to me.

There might be exceptions, like somebody who works on servers, but still, for me, it's a minus on the tally before the talk has even started.

Despite disagreeing, good article 👍

#opinion #foss

@Qwxlea or nano vs vi!

I get what you're saying, and I can certainly see why people have that opinion. 👍

@kev Do you *have* to? No. But you should. Because FLOSS is about freedom, and choosing an anti-freedom OS illustrates values/priorities incongruent with the community.

It applies to all communities. It's like Tim Cook using Android, or Pepsi's CEO drinking Coke.

I also want to use a system that "just works" (that's why I switched from Gentoo to Ubuntu 😜), but I value my freedom more. You're free not to. And that is assuming that FOSS OS's don't "just work", which is a separate debate.

@wasbeer having something that "just works" is circumstantial I think. What "just works" for me may not work for you and vice versa.

I agree, people _should_ use FOSS where possible, but tangentially, is saying "you should do this" also imposing on that person's freedom? I dunno, it's an interesting debate.

Funny you mention Gentoo, I've been thinking about giving "Linux from scratch" a go, just got a VM of course. 😁

@kev You're correct about the subjectivity of "just works".

> is saying "you should do this" also imposing on that person's freedom?
I certainly hope not. It was intended as a motivated suggestion ("should") rather than an imposition ("must"). While I stand by my suggestion, the freedom to choose (even badly) is more important. über alles! :D

Oh, and thanks for the thought provoking and well written post! 👍

@kev I Igree with your views in your blog, and I would add that part of the freedom of foss is the freedom to port it to different operating systems, and for that you need to test it in those operating systems.

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