Wow. Good job . No, seriously, good job! **slow clap**

Many on here make themselves out to be accepting and open to new people. Yet Wil Wheaton gets so much abuse, he was forced off the platform.

Like I said, great work folks. ☹️

masto drama from earlier 

masto drama from earlier 

@sireebob so he was forced away from the platform for things he did in the past?

This is very, very sad. I honestly thought we were more inclusive than this.

masto drama from earlier 


@sireebob I've made my feeling clear - I don't think he should have been pushed from this platform.

Anything above that is entering further in to the realm of the same drama that started this, and I'm not willing to go there. 👍

@kev that's fine. i wish you wouldn't keep removing CWs though

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