If you're the admin of any of the instances listed below, you may wanna look at this link from @mastohost, as they had to block your instance.

Please c/p, as boosts won't work due to the blocking. 👍

@sketchy @MariBari

hi 👋

Who’s the admin on your instance?

hi 👋

Who’s the admin on your server? Could you please tag them so they can see the above from @hugo

@yumusuke @shirotumekusa1 @Min_2525 @kithop

@kev @mastohost
This seems like a good response to a technical problem; @mastohost made the right call here.

However, this surfaces a problem I hadn't considered— is a centralized sever that can block instances. This might be a reason to hope that no one host ends up hosting too large a share of the fediverse. (I'm sure Hugo would never abuse this power, but "it doesn't matter that the system is abusable because I trust the people" is the path to ruin.)

@codesections @kev completely true but in this case I can't think of another solution.
Even if you were hosting your own instance, you would have to block those instances because it would bring your instance down in the end.

@mastohost @kev

Agree 100%. Like I said, this was definitely the right solution to the current technical problem.

Also, the fact that you agree that this is a potential concern long-term makes me stand by the "I trust the people" part even more. You really do seem like one of the good ones!

@codesections @kev My goal is to build something that even I don't have to trust myself, if that is the right way of putting it.

More on this soon ;)

@kev @mastohost

> Please c/p as boosts won't work due to the blocking

*gets 24 boosts*

@codesections Well, yes, but boosting it means more people will see it, and *they* can subsequently c/p it.

CC: @kev @mastohost

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