I wrote a follow up to my post, following lots of feedback. Thanks everyone!

This one goes in to the basics of the Mastodon UI and how to get started.

@kev For example:

"... look pretty baron ..."

That should be "barren".

@RiderOfGiraffes of course. Thanks, I'll edit it as soon as I get a chance.

I use the mastlab app and just figured out I missed the welcome step, after reading your guide. Any advice on mobile apps for mastodon?

@CrossEntropy I personally prefer Tusky for Android and Tootdon for iOS.

@kev this is great! The content on fosstodon makes me wish i could pin your timeline to discover new people to follow :)

@geekgonecrazy there is a way to do that - more to come in the "advanced uses" post. 😉

@geekgonecrazy @kev This is part of the reason I switched from to a while ago

@mhall119 @kev definitely tempting! I don't want to start instance hopping just yet. I keep finding instances with a lot of users posting interesting stuff. I'd probably end up swapping instances like I do Linux distro 😂

Might do in the future, for now I'll keep peaking in via tootdon on ipad that allows this. Or until I see another great way. :)

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