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Don't. Use. Chrome.

Jesus people. Think!

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theres a fucking cancellation fee for adobe shit? god what the fuck

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@kennethdodrill The last game I played as an oven featured such mechanics as squashing sausages, wearing a sheet to scare people and getting points for urinating.

Don't open umbrellas inside, kids.

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@kennethdodrill I will definitely try it when I get back on my PC. I love and support all 3 of those programs, so it would be awesome to see a game made with them.

If anyone is interested in a weird game where you're an oven, I made one.

made with godot, blender and gimp <3

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Is there a FOSS, human dignity respecting, privacy friendly alternative to LinkedIn?

We need one also for ResearchGate.

users, I've been wanting to move away from JetBrains software to emacs for awhile now. I tried Doom emacs and it was very slow...suggestions were to turn off syntax highlighting, line count, and the treemacs package. It did help, but I still want those features. Is Doom just bloated? Would it be worth it to customize a base install of emacs to max out performance, or is emacs just not for me (meaning, I want all of these features)?

Hi all!

I was a member of fosstodon many years ago. Could never get back into my account so I created one over at I think my content makes more sense here.

I am a Void Linux user and a PHP Developer learning Rust for game development with Godot (previously was using C#). Fosstodon seems more up my alley 😀


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