After a year of learning gamedev, my first commercial game is now available on Steam and for Linux and Windows!

Buy on Steam -

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a short game set in southwestern america, my brother lives in a canyon is about two brothers reminiscing over short-wave radios.

This game is also open-source and was entirely developed on Void Linux!

Made with:


@jason123santa the sale on Steam lasts until next Thursday, so no need to rush! It's also on sale on Itch for today and tomorrow. :)

@kennethdodrill If its on sale on itch but its $5 and on steam its normally $5 but its on sale for $4 then what is the normal price?

@jason123santa itch is a bit weird with sales - The normal price is $5, it's reduced to $4 for launch :)

@kennethdodrill Ah cool I might just buy on both itech and steam so that I can have it on itch but also have achievements on steam.

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