If you haven't yet, check out my open-source game coming out July 22nd, 2021 - my brother lives in a canyon! Made with and .

If you're interested, please wishlist the game on Steam! It'll help drive more sales and increase the game's visibility. Thanks! :)


Happy to see an version. Hope you have a smooth release !

@kennethdodrill GTX 1050Ti tho... ain't that a bit high for the style of this game?

@Naughtylus Honestly I'm not sure what the minimum could laptop has a 1060 in it so that's the lowest I can test. Using the intel chip on it is pretty awful (like 10 fps). It could maybe go lower but I'm just not sure what that could be :/

@kennethdodrill Ah right you only put what you could test, that's very honest of you.

I'll tell you if it works on my config when it comes out

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