More progress on my upcoming short adventure game

@jason123santa awesome, yep it sure does. The whole game is made with Godot. I use Blender and Krita for assets. I'm also developing it all on Void Linux :). I'll add you to my list for people to contact when the game is released! Also, cool to see that you are on LBRY.

@kennethdodrill Nice Void linux is a cool distro. Don't use Void anymore but I will test it once it does come out. If your interested in porting it to arm64 I can test it on my pinebook pro.

@jason123santa Godot exports linux builds very well so you shouldn't need to worry about what distro you're on. :)
I can't seem to find export templates for arm64 for Godot, and most storefronts don't have support for arm64 so I probably won't - if there is an export template out there I would though

@kennethdodrill If you can figure out how to compile it to arm64 I would test on my pinebook pro.
I know other games that have a generic linux port work on any distro.

@jason123santa cool, I'll keep that in mind :), will let you know if I get it to compile to arm64

@kennethdodrill Cool It looks low graphic enough to run well on the pinebook pro.

@werwolf It is free as in open-source :). It's under the GPLv3 license, but the assets are not part of the repository. The game will be around 4 or 5 USD on Steam, and hopefully GOG. Not sure on the price yet.

The links on the readme will be broken since I haven't announced the game yet.

@kennethdodrill I prefer to call it "free as in freedom" or "free as in free speech", but yeah, that answers my question.

It seems like an interesting game, and the price is really good. I like supporting free (as in freedom) games, so I'll try to keep an eye on your posts.

@werwolf Agreed about the terminology, I should've expected that from a fosstodon member :). It is indeed free as in freedom software.

Thank you for the support! I'll make sure to announce the game on fosstodon.

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