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We watched the Psych movie last night and I've just started back at the beginning of the whole series. 🍍

Exciting stuff! Releasing my first physical game today!

And a #retro game at that! Quartet is a quick puzzler for the #MSX 1 computer system. Graphics by the lovely @iLkKke (twitter) and code by yours truly.

Get yours here:

Please don't be shy to Boost!

The wealthy can just buy citizenship wherever they like, corporations can move their production around to wherever the labour laws are most lax and where the local authorities will gladly violently oppress the workforce for them, but anyone else crossing borders is treated like a criminal.

Tear down the walls and fences, NO BORDERS

Finally, after the third outing, the battery gauge has ticked down to 4 out of 5 LEDs.

@requiem There is a site that sells replacement controller and display kit for
~$200 for rad bikes that is more configurable and lets you increase top speed. So I think my plan is to leave as is until my warranty is up then consider that kit.

Remember people, tomorrow is , so let's all not use for at least that entire day.

So a regular day for me.

It might be less hassle to just find a severely beat up psp with a good motherboard and swap it.

My luck buying "untested" PSPs has run out. This one is pretty but appears to be bricked. It may be possible to save it bit it will take some work. It is good condition otherwise. If I can get it working I think I will make it my main device.

Sesame Street, a show created for public access television to help kids from low-income families learn to read and write, is being put being a paywall which will prevent the kids who most need it from accessing it.
The past 50 seasons are also included in that so they can't be streamed anywhere else.

Fuck capitalism.

Pirate Sesame Street.

Alright first impressions. This thing is nice. Acceleration is quick but smooth. Pedal assist is smooth. The top speed feels just barely fast enough to keep me happy which is a good thing. The bike has no suspension but the fat tires do a good enough job of absorbing road imperfections. The adjustable pedal assist levels take the place of multiple physical gears and it works fine. Personally I will probably be riding this bike mostly on throttle unless I want to stretch my range.


Handheld device talk 

Handheld device talk 

I've been on sway for some months now. I like it. Yet i'm still thinking about going back to plasma for a while. Not really because I'm unhappy with sway but because I just like to mix it up. I also want to play with kdeconnect again.

Disc brakes have been adjusted to eliminate the rubbing present out of the box. Battery is charged. Tires inflated. Saddle adjusted. Just need some dry weather and a babysitter.

Mother nature is not cooperating so ebike maiden voyage is still pending. (#><)

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