@codesections @schlink I'm a heavy user of wire but this is precisely why I'm trying to figure out an alternative now before they inevitably become something I want nothing do with.

They had promised to open source their server and make it selfhostable and federated. How much you wanna bet that never happens?

Quick reminder that "Don't be evil" *used* to be Google's motto, and they deliberately changed it

@kemonine @Tayo LOL, I'm not going to out this person publicly because no matter how dumb they are I don't feel like adding fuel to the fire. I believe they were on .social though.

@kemonine I don't really understand how you could be. At least if you really understand what it means and aren't just operating from some purposefully ignorant viewpoint. Either way the audacity to ask someone who posts 90% tech stuff because that's who they are to CW basically everything they post...

Someone just asked me to CW anything related to technology. Um, what? Also, they describe themselves anti-FOSS in their profile. Yeah, that's a major block from me.

@narF Lets see... General file storage, calendar, contacts, download server, rss feed reader, email web interface, notes, bookmark sync, photo backup, task lists and it is the network storage for my media library connected to kodi.

@kemonine Yeah, it wasn't until I moved to a much more populated area that I had it as an option. I still get a barrage of junk mail from my ISP's main competitor trying to get me to switch to their non-fiber service and I'm like PSSSSHHHHHHH!

@kemonine NextcloudPi has been so solid that I just can't make myself switch yet. I have wanted to move over to lollipopcloud for some time but lack of time to actually do it and how good and easy administrating NCP is has made me just stick with what's working right now.

@kemonine Now that I have fiber with equal up/down Nextcloud is definitely realizing more of it's potential :).

I'm at ~1.5 years of running the same NextcloudPi install with the only down time due to power/network outages.

Also, the nextcloudpi project is great. Makes installing and managing Nextcloud very easy and not time consuming.

Gosh darn Nextcloud is an awesome and powerful piece of software. Yes I know it's not perfect and doesn't work for everyone but it really is super useful. Like lots of things if you understand what its purpose and capabilities are and set your expectations accordingly it does a great job.

@amolith Haha, the problem is I don't notice them until I already have replies and boosts so I just say screw it and leave it.

kelbot makes the most typos on your timeline.

I think i'm leaving towards a tilling script. This one sounds about perfect. github.com/esjeon/krohnkite

Question for KDE plasma and tiling wm fan crossection :-P 

Question for KDE plasma and tiling wm fan crossection :-P 

I installed KDE Neon on my desktop last week. Mainly because I wanted to have a debian based distro around in order to more easily flash my CHIPs. I may end up switching my laptop back to plasma as well. I enjoy putting together my own ultra lightweight environment that is exactly what I want but dang, KDE's features and looks are just really good without having to do much. Both options have their advantages but due to having less time to tinker I'm thinking about going back to KDE.

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