Surely somebody has already hacked one of these things into something awesome.

Some neat things I found and want to play with but don't really have the time 

In other CHIP news this is an interesting series of blog posts about adding a sloppy but functional SD card interface to the original CHIP and getting other distros working on it among other things.

MPD plugin now working in the status bar. Almost done with this config and it was super easy. Probably easier than any other combination of WM and status bar I've ever used before.

Sway + waybar + firefox + sakura. Pure, clean, simple wayland goodness. I may tweak my UI colors a little bit and be done for a bit.

So...what are your favorite free to listen internet music streams?

Can confirm, Jami is MURDERING my battery life. Unless this is just really bad bug, i'm not sure how they expect anyone to use this app.

The Odroid Go SD card browser app is excellent. Super easy to add and remove files now with no wires and no removing SD card.

There are two new game emulator interfaces. This one is particularly good looking. I love the simple pixel art game system icons.

Mechanical keyboard talk 

The battery/usb powered fan arrived today. I'm pleased with it so far but not ready for a final verdict. It puts out a good amount of air for its size on high. I didn't even charge the included batteries and I've had it running for 3.5 hours on the middle setting which is more than enough to make the sunroom pleasant in the evening. I will really see how it does tomorrow in the afternoon heat.

I also moved the espressobin over to my desk. Now I have 2 Ethernet ports to use for whatever.

PS. Yes I know my desk is a disaster right now. I've been playing and reorganizing and it will look much better soon.

I have all these neat little 8" IPS displays I ordered last month. A few of them are already destined for other projects but one of them I'm thinking about putting on this kitchen bar counter. This is just a mock up. I would like to find smaller keyboard that more closely matches the width of the display.

I want a Sony VAIO P series form factor computer with a modern arm CPU and modern battery life.

I've considered just buy a P series but it looks like it has entered collectors item status with prices to match.

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