My site is now *LIVE*! Get it while its fresh. Only a gemlog there now but I plan to flesh it out a little with some other content relevant to my interests.


PS. Feel free to reply to this toot with your own gemini site/gemlog if you feel so inclined.

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I think I have formatted my gemlog correctly to conform to the spec for subscribing to gemini sites. We'll see ;).

gmisub is software to aggregate new posts from the gemini sites you feed it. Maybe I will get that setup one evening and host it on my capsule. Then I can just bookmark it and have my feed list from any device easy peasy.

My gemini capsule is running on this $18 failed network security device. I wonder what I could show on the display...


Smiley faces when people actually access pages on our obscure little small net?

@kelbot Oh damn! Its like gopher, but N E W.
Imma gonna gemini to my blog script soon!

@kelbot I’m getting errors when trying on a few clients. Alert Handshake error 587 on deedum and oss status error 9808 on the Gemini browser

@exquisitecorp Hmm, I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the heads up.

@kelbot I was going to say the header text was wrapping awkwardly, especially on a 'normal' text width, but apparently #Lagrange doesn't seem to have monospaced enabled by default. :)

Now you can have a spot for your Odroid/PSP blog post. ;)

@kelbot might it be an idea to also provide a lower res version of the attached images with your posts, to make it a bit more mobile friendly for those who want to see the pics? :)

@FiXato There are many tweaks to come. I just wanted to stop trying to get it perfect and get it out the door :).

@RussSharek Now I have the opposite issue that I was having with my gemini capsule. Yours loads fine in Ariane but on Amfora it says the cert is expired and won't load X-).

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