@kelbot you're on the right track...get yourself a PineTime watch to achieve multi-display perfection.

@rain I like it and enjoy playing with it. I play music with it and do a lot of things in the terminal like browse gopher.

@kelbot Wow that would make a great gopher device. thanks for sharing =]

@kelbot @codesections I thought I was the only one who still had a CHIP laying around!

@tek I have 2 PocketCHIPs and 4 CHIPs still. They are great as snapcast clients.

@mpjgregoire It varies based on what hardware you are using. The Mark I microphone setup is not great so it struggles to recognize the wake word unless you're pretty close to it. Mark I is no longer available though and a Mark II with better mics is impending.

The software is pretty good but not on par with the big 2 voice assistants. It has trouble recognizing female and juvenile voices and Mycroft are trying to improve that but need more people to help train it to better recognize them.

@mpjgregoire Yeah, its for real. They struggle with making the hardware but the software is open source and they make it pretty easy to run it on your own hardware setup. Like a Raspberry Pi with a mic and speaker connected. You can also install mycroft on your linux desktop.

@kelbot If the software is so easy, then why isn't it packaged for #Debian? I see there was an ITP years ago, but it seems to have gone dead.

Also, I've heard that you need a good microphone to make this sort of thing work.


@mpjgregoire Not sure about the debian bit but yeah a good mic is certainly an important part of the system. It will work with basically any mic but you really need a multi mic setup with noise cancellation and directional detection for it to pick up your wake word reliably in all conditions.

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