Has anyone tried the Epicyon fediverse server? It sounds pretty awesome.

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@kelbot I have not tried Epicyon but sounds really neat. I wonder how performant it is. I might install it somewhere and find out. :thumbsup:

@pla Cool. I like the no javascript and that it works well in text browsers.

@kelbot I tried to get it running, could not. Freakin python. Also tried to fix their broken CI/CD, didn't get very far.

Apparently the dev is a nice person, so it's worth trying, I just ran out of will to fight with python again.

@bob Bob is a sound guy, he's helped me with #freedombone (another of his projects) so I'm sure he'd help here too.

@kelbot wasn't this the guy who packaged Pleroma but with his own built-in whiteli- yep

@kelbot Those themes have got major myspace vibes.

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