No Mozilla. Stop this nonsense. You're saying its ok to like FB and then in the next breath saying they are so untrustworthy that you created a whole new feature to isolate them.

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@kelbot I have the same opinion on FB as you do, the phrasing sucks and transition from sentence 1 to 2 is just weird and doesn't flow.

However, I do understand the title and I might have done the same. If you start with "no reason to like Facebook", those you're targeting who genuinely love FB, will not read further. This is for them!

We will not stop FB and their following by simply opposing them. Gradually change their perception, and this page—in a weird way 😔— accomplishes that.

@yarmo @kelbot butting in, it looks like a polite/nice way to steer people in the right direction, accepting the fact that most people love it and will keep.on using it, a necessary evil.

@lopeztel @yarmo The people that love it and will use it no matter what will also not care about sandboxing it though. My issue with how Mozilla went about this is that they are normalizing all the terribleness of FB and telling people its ok. "Not ready to ditch Facebook just yet but tired of being tracked all around the web?" I think would have accomplished the same thing without telling people that what FB does is ok.

@kelbot @yarmo they could have phrased it differently e.g. "Do you like FB, but also value your privacy? Then FF has your back, etcetera"

@humanetech @lopeztel @kelbot this. I'd normally say "offer your services, they could definitely use them", but something tells me they're not hiring rn

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