Delta chat has videochat now. This is excellent. I like how they did it too. It just pulls up a webrtc videochat URL that you can choose and makes a random room name. On android I entered and it pulls up the jitsi app when I start a chat.

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I've been testing delta chat for a while now but my whole family and a few friends have been using wire for the last couple years. I have been on the lookout for something to replace wire and I think Delta Chat could be it.

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@kelbot I'm a huge fan of Delta Chat but the amount of people I know that are using Gmail made it a pain setting it up for them or trying to explain to them what to do in order to have it work.

@jmizzle207 What is required for gmail setup? I have one friend using a gmail address and he didn't seem to have any issues.

@kelbot I believe it was just enabling less secure apps but I ended having to do it for people family and 3/4 of my friends was clueless on enabling it.

@kelbot how? I have updated Delta chat and I can't see that option

@Phoenix_alx @kelbot I'm curious too. What's the minimum version and is it only for 1:1 chats for now?

@michel_slm @Phoenix_alx
I believe it was introduced in android app version 1.12. Yes, it does look like its only 1:1 videochats.

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