After some conversation with @freakazoid - I'm back to contemplating what my personal technology stack should look like.

One thing that I keep coming back to is screens.

I use the omnibook because it has great battery life on AA batteries. It has great battery life on AA batteries in large part thanks to it's monochrome, reflective, non-backlit screen.

If I could get a screen like that on a cybredeck, I'd be set.

@ajroach42 @freakazoid

Have you looked much into eink? I *really* want a general purpose eink display.

@enkiv2 @freakazoid Yeah, there just aren't any decent general purpose eink displays.

I have a hisense a5. It works reasonably well.

@ajroach42 @freakazoid
$500 is expensive. I was thinking buy a used kindle off ebay and disassemble it tbh.

@enkiv2 @ajroach42 @freakazoid if you don't mind a lower resolution and coming up with your own display pipeline over SPI, this one is significantly cheaper at $170 for 9.7" 1200x825:

@djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid Where did this come from? I swear there were no eink screens over 4" available for the pi a year ago.

@djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid If someone hacks together a display driver, this would be a great option.


@ajroach42 @djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid
This is something I've wished for for years now. Have a look at this project for waveshare displays. You can get a terminal, display images or configure a full desktop via connecting to a vnc server on the same system. I have used the terminal portion on my 2.13" epaper display.

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@ajroach42 @djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid
Now I kind of want to setup that terminal dashboard I've been playing with on eink.

@kemonine @djsundog @ajroach42 @kelbot @enkiv2 I don't see a datasheet for it but I'm guessing the power draw is too high for Andrew's application, since it looks like a standard backlit display.

@freakazoid @djsundog @ajroach42 @kelbot @enkiv2

The panel has a dedicated power brick IIRC

Was more of a "this is an intersting one if you ever need a 4k panel for something"
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