I'm excited about this color eink that is finally happening for real. Pocketbook Color ereader.

"You can browse the web in color. You can read ebooks in color, view the cover art and any pictures that are inside. PDF files are in full color. Other digital content such as comics or manga are also in full color. Don’t be put off by the 100 PPI maximum resolution for color content, you don’t even notice it."

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@kelbot This looks really cool! I hope they make a 10" version one day. If I could use that for RPG PDFs it'd be *chef's kiss.* (I do have a Kindle DX, but the poor thing just wasn't built for 300+ page PDF files in any way.)

@kelbot I really like the idea, but then again I haven't picked up my old Kindle in a while ...😂

@kelbot That is going on my Wishlist for when my ClaraHD dies

The native cbr/cbz will be handy for some content I've always wanted to read

🤞 the comic book support is halfway decent
@djsundog @kelbot Color e-ink's have been around for aloooooong time the problem has always been cost as well as ram for the drawing buffer

i remember when the reinks popped up at adafruit and the #1 issue everyone had was lack of sram

even the rpi's of the time had trouble keeping those panels happy

@kemonine @djsundog
They've been around for a while but this new generation of devices is using a new version of the technology that is supposed to be a lot better than what came previously. More colors and more vibrant.

@kelbot @djsundog

That seems to be the case, I have a tri-color waveshare e-ink somewhere and that was gorgeous and easy to work with compared to previous panels

The pictured reader.... that's a comic book dream on the pics alone

@kemonine @djsundog
Definitely looks great for comics. Being in the Dame affordable ballpark as b&w ereaders is great too.

@kelbot @djsundog

yeah, if it gets popular some of the longer running brands are in deep 💩

@kemonine @djsundog
If they are as good as it sounds I think in a year or two everything will be color eink.

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