Looks like PINE is up to something new.

The cases are pretty cool and are already available if you wanted to put one together to yourself. I especially like the cartridge shaped ssd that you can plug into the cartridge slot like a real cartridge.

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I thought I saw something about them making a pencil soldering iron along the lines of the TS100.

I have a TS100 but I might just have to get the Pine and compare them.

@kelbot yeah, that SATA cart is super cute! I've previously been in the "just use your laptop" camp but these things are neat :)

@kelbot Ah, cool, a Lukasz/MrFixIt collab atop their pine64 experience and building off their mutual interest in retrogaming. If anyone can make the pine64 hardware sing for game emulation, it should be them, I'd think.

@djsundog My mini retro game station I put together is a Rock64 board so I'll probably try out their R-Cade software. With kodi built in the more powerful RockPro64 model is tempting as a set top box for the TV.

@kelbot it'll be interesting to see what the addon cost ends up being over the base hardware

@djsundog The Super Famicom case and 120GB cartridge ssd are available on for $30 each. Plus the price of a RockPro64 and you're looking at $130-$150 to just order the parts and put it together yourself. That's not including a controller or power supply though. So a little more than that but you could save a little if you already had those.

@djsundog There are certainly people that will pay a small premium to be able to order something already put together that they can just plug in though.

@kelbot absolutely, and I'm much more likely to point my "normal" friends that way rather than the assemble-at-home version they "could do" today (but wouldn't because it'd look and sound like more hassle and confusion than they'd be willing to do)

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