I think I could do Ubuntu touch as a daily driver honestly. With more modern hardware than a nexus 5 especially. Battery life and camera quality having the most room for improvement. The basics are there.

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@kelbot Do you know if there's a build for Raspberry Pi? I'd really like to try it on my pi tablet.

@ajroach42 Not that I'm aware of. I did see on the forum that someone has it running on the Gemini.

@ajroach42 @kelbot Last I heard there was progress on that front, but still a ways off from pre-downloadable images. And then for just installing it oneself, one can even compile the desktop environment layer from source, after all:

Unfortunately it might be tricky. The real kicker for Ubuntu Touch is that the display server is Mir, which of course Canonical isn't maintaining anymore. And maintaining a whole damn display server is some pretty low-level work! I see for instance postmarketOS is no longer supporting Unity8 because it currently can't build:

@keithzg @kelbot @ajroach42 Mir still seems pretty active on GitHub:

Which seems reasonable if you consider that the project has continued to become a X11/Wayland display server. That's at least the last I've heard about it.

@RyuKurisu @kelbot @ajroach42 Yeah, that direction of Mir has little to do with the display server portion, which is what Ubuntu Touch remains based on; Canonical has entirely dropped the display server portion from their branch.
@RyuKurisu @ajroach42 @kelbot (Honestly it's more than a little confusing that Canonical continues to call it "Mir", when the scope of it now is much smaller than as the alternative to X11 or Wayland that Mir was originally intended, and by some necessity continues to be maintained by the UBPort project, to be.)

I did until the RF section in my Nexus5 died.

@strypey Yes. I plan on getting one but am waiting for the next batch.

@kelbot have you ever considered trying out SailfishOS? 🙂

@RyuKurisu @kelbot I personally like SailfishOS, but never liked the proprietary aspect and the company (Jolla) motives.

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