Oh wow, was not expecting this! Something else to consider using that gift money on.

Odroid Go Advance! Has an analog nub, shoulder buttons and is powered by a quad core rockchip CPU with 1gb RAM. $55 kit you assemble yourself.

They show in this video playing PSP, PS1, GBA and SNES games. Looks like it is running a dull linux OS.

A couple interesting details I noticed. It has a headphone jack and a full size USB port.

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That usb port makes this an interesting option as a portable emergency linux machine when paired with a portable keyboard. Use it as a handheld gaming device most of the time but keep a distro on a microsd stashed somewhere to swap into it.

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Oh I neglected to mention it has gpio exposed on the top too for even more hackability! That is definitely one thing I like about hard kernel is they really design their devices for maximum hackability.

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@kelbot OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK! I got tingles reading the announcement! I love my Odroid Go and this is better in every way and still affordable oh sweet Elilhrairah I need to swindle myself one of these! And i just got a Switch Lite but fuckit. If it can play Pico 8 games it won't even be a fucking choice.

@kelbot That is definitely something on my wish list for the new year. My wife was interested too. Her only ask was that it had HDMI out. That would be cool, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

@mike Yeah a video out would have been nice. As a pure gaming machine the actual PSP is still a better choice probably. Even has video out via component.

For a linux based portable gaming device that can potentially do a whole lot more this thing looks very cool. If it actually feels good to play games on this is an easy pick up. I'm mostly curious about how that analog stick feels. The other buttons look the same as the OG Go and they are pretty good.

The actual PSP is limited in it's game library comparably. If you're only looking for a PSP analog, it's true an actual PSP would be a better choice, but this one offers so much more even just when gaming is all you're looking at.

@mike How so? I can play all of the exact same stuff on my PSP. Plus I can pretty much guarantee PSP and PS1 games will play better on a PSP.

Looks like this is just my ignorance on display. I wasn't aware of the emulator market for the PSP. My mistake.

@mike The PSP is a pretty badass handheld and can be found really cheap with some patience.

@mike The non gaming possibilities and just the general openness are what really interest me about this.

@mike @kelbot
That's a cool thing.

I'm not much of a gamer, so I doubt that I'd personally use it. But it might be used around our house if it had Tetris and a couple of other things on it.

My wife still has her N64 and likes to play the Tetris that is on it, and try and beat her high score.

I'm not either, but when I do I like pulling out the old classics. This type of unit would be perfect for me, personally.

@kelbot It is an ubuntu thingie:

However, as you see from that wiki, the various items for uboot and so on are documented and available (making it less difficult to roll your own.)

@kelbot I have the original odroid go and like it. This would be even better.

@jason_s_dodd I have the original as well and like it a lot. This new one is cool but a totally different animal. A couple things the original still has going for it: excellent battery life, really fast boot for quick play sessions.

@kelbot I think this might be slightly faster than the RG-350 I've recently ordered. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this. My ODroid Go wasn't that usable for me, but this could be different.

@kelbot I imagine the convo at HardKernel was something like: "Wow the Go is really popular. Let's do it again but throw a full blown ARM SOC in there!"

Excited to get my hands on one of these.

@kelbot Can you believe the other day before this came out I casually checked the Hardkernel website to see if there was a GBA successor to the Odroid Go? There wasn't and now there is. 😅 I was hoping for this. 😊

@kelbot Although I was hoping for this with a bare metal system on it and not a cheap Linux distro... 😔

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