The DS is a neat system and worth owning, however, I think I prefer the PSP overall. It could be some nostalgia for it or just my general gaming preferences. The psp can emulate more systems and do a better job of it than the DS. While some people aren't fans of the analog nub I actually think it works pretty well while being super low profile.

The DS is fun because of the quirky and unconventional titles utilizing the touch screen and dual screens.


@FiXato I'm still exploring it myself but so far I've enjoyed:
Henry Hatsworth
New Super Mario Bros.
Picross 3D
WarioWare Touched

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I just watched a couple of videos of Henry Hatsworth, and that indeed looks like an interesting combination of genres! I'll definitely have to give that one a try some day.

@FiXato its pretty cool. Managing both screens simultaneously can get difficult but its fun.

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