Wow, we did not expect the level of interest you all have had in the !

More info:
- Cost will be approximately 25USD
- Charging dock included in price
- Built-in heartbeat monitor
- Case built of Zinc alloy and plastic
- Battery life measured in days
- Sorry, can't run Linux itself. SoC is nRF52832, which uses a Cortex-M4 core. That's why we need FreeRTOS :)


@PINE64 Very cool! What is the display tech? I'm really hoping for pebble style memory LCD or similar battery and sunlight friendly non-light emitting display.


It is IPS. Trying to get a solid answer on if it is transflective or not.

@PINE64 Well its exciting and i'm interested either way. Hopefully we'll get a spiritual successor to pebble some day.

@kelbot @PINE64 So it this a Pine64 design or are you re-badging an existing smartwatch?

@sfcgeorge @kelbot
The casing is an existing one, but the internals are customized by us.

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