I'm typing this toot from Sway, on wayland native firefox and playing with a wayland native terminal emulator Sakura.

I think Sakura is my new favorite terminal emulator. Simple, attractive and does the job with just enough settings available to tweak to your liking.

Annoyingly, I'm still using dmenu as the application launcher through xwayland. Need to find an alternative.

Also, unlike normal X firefox, touch screen support works OOTB on firefox wayland.

Sway + waybar + firefox + sakura. Pure, clean, simple wayland goodness. I may tweak my UI colors a little bit and be done for a bit.


While getting this setup I wanted to make sure firefox was using wayland instead of xwayland and found an article that suggested installing xeyes and seeing if the eyes move when the cursor is over firefox (or whatever application window you want to check). Kind of ridiculous but hey it worked.

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@kelbot The way I read was, to run xprop or xwininfo and see if the cursor changed to a crosshairs when you put in over the window in question.

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