I'm rooting really hard for the Pinephone to be decent and actually make it to market soon. I'm really liking the sounds of it. Specs are good enough. Emmc and bootable microsd slot! USB C! 3000mah replaceable battery!


The pinebook pro also sounds really awesome. If very inexpensive used thinkpads didn't exist I would be ordering one for sure. Maybe if I decide I'm done with Intel completely I'll get one in the future.

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@kelbot thank you for helping me make up my mind kelbot 🙇


(ง ื▿ ื)ว
Were you between a pinebook pro and a used thinkpad?

@kelbot haha, no - more just trying to keep to the mantra of I need nothing until my current projects are done 😁

And you reminding me that my Thinkpad is so very valid that I'm like 💅 pinebook who?

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