Rant about family and social medias. 

My mom was involved in an accident last weekend. I found out about it days later, by accident..

Apparently it's the norm to make a post about it on Instagram and expect everyone to find out about it there. The only issue is that I don't have Instagram.

What annoys me is that my family and friends share everything there and I'm always left out in the dark. I seriously don't know a bit about anyone anymore because I don't want to use unethical platforms. :/

Rant about family and social medias. 

@hund My condolences, I hope your mom is OK.

I completely feel your frustration. I deleted my FB account many years ago because I want to be notified about things old school. It actually worked, but it took a long time.

My wife re-opened her FB account a few months ago, for a myriad of reasons.

Now we no longer receive information old school anymore

Its completely frustrating.

Rant about family and social medias. 

@matt Thank you! She's doing alright now. :)

That sucks! It's weird that we are the outcast for choosing the social, interactive and personal way of communicating.

People are too lazy. We should have never invented the Internet. :P

Rant about family and social medias. 

@hund @matt
I avoided this issue by never having made an FB account on the first place. That made it a little easier probably because family and friends have never had to relearn how they interact with me.

Rant about family and social medias. 

@kelbot @matt I wish that was the case for me as well. :)


Rant about family and social medias. 

@hund @matt
Early on I got quite a few remarks like "You're not on FB?!" Or "why don't you just get on FB?" After a while they all realized that I felt strongly enough that it was useless to try to convince me.

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