Still a work in progress but has steadily gotten better since I've had it. I like what they're doing but its a really big task so its still not on par with the big commercial voice assistants.

If you set your expectations realistically it is still a cool and useful device. I also love that they created an image for diying your own with a pi.

@kelbot what is the device on the left of the notebook (in the back). looks like a PDA

That is a PocketCHIP. The company sadly is no more. You can still buy them though. Someone bought all the remaining stock when they went under and is reselling it. shop.pocketchip.co/collections

See you made some of the same choices I've made with the NUC and MX mouse.. would have loveed to have a Mycroft though. ;)

Yeah, I know.. but has it taken awhile. Long since I heard it was coming. My issue have been to afford it though. Plenty of other stuff to pay. ;)

@kelbot Ah, lucky you, you got a pocketCHIP before they went bankrupt! :) What are the keys like to use?

@mgr They uh...get the job done. Not pleasant to type extensively on but good enough for short commands and navigation.

Oh, okay. That actually makes me a little less sad :)

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