Reason #462 why used thinkoads are the best computer buy: I just realized that the tablet mode works as expected without any tweaking needed and audio auto switches when headphones are plugged in. I attribute this mostly to the fact that its just old enough that everything is well supported in the Linux kernel and all kinks have been worked out.

@kelbot Ha the touch screen is still not working on the Yoga I bought. Discussed it at length with a wacom dev, tried everything I could think of to get it work, but it still only works in a manjaro live USB (not ubuntu, not installed manjaro, only the Manjaro live usb and only if started from power off and not rebooted). I'm going to install Windows on it, and try to minimise the proprietary software but it's going to hurt my feelings 😔

@kelbot Same model as yours if I'm not mistaken. It's a complete mystery 🤷

The Yoga 12? Hmm, I think I remember talking about this now. Thats strange. I'm on arch and is working without any manual intervention.

@kelbot just regular arch? And does an Ubuntu live USB work for you for example?

Regular arch but I did install with the Anarchy Linux installer this time.

I havent tried an ubuntu live disk. I'll see if I can make one later and see

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