@kelbot do most Linux users really only use Linux and FOSS tools professionally?

@mooshoe @kelbot kindah doubt it myself, although an incidence of 20% of this would already be a bit concerning?

This article nextplatform.com/2019/02/05/th i don't see people caring enough about efficiency to abolish general computing. And that's what it is about for "normal" tasks like browsing, not computation hogs like neural nets.

The real risk is from corporations wanting to create their walled gardens. Probably little by little, to be honest. We will probably be able to buy "normal" devices.

@mooshoe @kelbot of course, if we're on the periphery, it might be easier to antagonize against "scary hacker" general computer users.

It might be because the government doesn't like the subculture, or corporations wanting a bigger market, or both.

That said, lets be honest, we can't change the word because the people in the spell of massive amounts of propaganda. They don't have to do anything about it.

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