I remember reading about this a while back but did not believe they would actually make it and sell it for the claimed price.

Ooh, I don't particularly like intel, but that could be a fun system to tinker with.

@omnipotens, this might be perfect for you

@kelbot That's pretty tempting as pi-replacement. I have a tablet w/ that chip and it's much more capable than I expected.

@kelbot ordered like the second I saw this.

Will report back once it's running gem in freeDOS.

I was going to hold off and see what people think of it first but I have no will power and the price is so good. So yeah, on is on its way 😏.

@kelbot @ajroach42 It does seem a bit too good, no. I'm also tempted, so let us know.

@ajroach42 @kelbot Haha I did the same. This will be useful for door games in a BBS setup.

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