Second post in a series on the #BioLite #SolarHome 620:

Next post will probably involve screwdrivers... 😇 🛠️

(you can find the entire series here:


@jjg That is a really neat kit! I've been wanting to do something solar powered for years. This seems very well put together and actually useful. The price is very reasonable as well.

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@jjg PS. I had your old feed still in my reader and just hadn't been seeing any of your blog posts and didn't realize it. After clicking this link and seeing all of your recent posts I was wondering why I hadn't seen any of them come up in my reader!

@kelbot thanks for looking, I didn’t do a good job of making the cut-over from the other site, but I really wanted to get away from Wordpress.

@kelbot yeah I have a couple solar-oriented projects that got hung-up on the solar part, so I’ve been looking for something off-the-shelf like this.

It’s a bit more than I need, but it’s well made and I’ve been a fan of their other gear so I thought it was worth a shot.

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