That case display combo for that price is perfect for a simple control interface for music, some sensor data or something.

@kelbot Yeah that seems pretty cool to have status indicators on there, I'm tempted to get one of these even if I don't have a use for it right away

@Matter Same here. The display is probably not good but who cares for that price. If it can show some information it will do.

@ajroach42 True. Plus you'd need battery management circuitry in there too. Maybe you could 3d print a replacement bottom to the case with space.

@kelbot i was looking at one of these the other day (ODroid OGST case, 2.4" front screen) but my real intent is to replace a failed x86 prebuilt, reuse most of the parts, and keep similar-or-better I/O features in a smaller case. That's leading me towards options based on Celeron J4105 instead

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