Hey nerds:

I need some switches.

Specifically I need a usb switch and an RCA switch. A coax switch would also be useful. And maybe an HDMI switch?

Multiple inputs to a single output for the video switches, multiple outputs from a single input for the usb switch.

Do I need a kvm

Do you have any suggestions?

I should explain.

I have several raspberry pie, and a few vintage computers connecting over composite to a single TV and I’m sick of switching input cables.

I have two laptops and a desktop sharing a single monitor, and I don’t want to have to swap one hdmi cable between them all.

I have one mouse, keyboard, and flash drive I’d like to share between several of these devices, without physically moving a hub between them.

There are also some video cameras I want to be able to swap between.

I want multiple things with buttons, from which I can swap between these devices.

I’m looking for suggestions.

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