Oh my, PocketCHIP friends look at this DIY PChip replacement. They are using a Pi 3B+ and the pimoroni Hyperpixel display plus a diy keyboard and 3D printed case.

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@kelbot I like the one with the gayboard instead of a keyboard.

@kelbot If my PocketCHIP dies ;-) O wait, the resolution is fantastic compared to PCHIP.

Yeah, the hyperpixel is really nice. I actually already have one but haven't done anything with it yet.

@kelbot That's awesome! Way more usable than the PChip keyboard!

Pretty reasonable price and in HAT form. I am planning to use mine for a music control interface.

@kelbot Yeah that's one of the biggest challenges I've had packaging Raspberry Pi-based stuff, they did a good job.

It's really a bummer that the Pi folk don't include any battery/power management; seems like almost every application could use it and it's one of my favorite things about the CHIP (RIP).

Same here. I've been on the lookout for boards with built in power management. Pocketbeagle has it but no ports or connectors so you'd have to add your own. Olinuxino Lime2 does and has jst connector plus a number of other ports and costs more.

@kelbot oooh, links to how to make or obtain one?

@kelbot we're apparently not federating all those toots, found them on your profile page 😅. Thank you 👍

@kelbot That's sexy. But, I would have to remove the power button key because I can see hitting it by accident easily.

@kelbot what's the game/program that's running on them?

@kelbot @ddipaola Must be some Pico-8 game, but I don't recognize it and there's a million of 'em. :thinknyan:

@kelbot well, that keyboard looks at least marginally less craptacular than the one on the pocketchip i actually owned for a while. kind of 1970s/80s HP calculator vibe...

@kelbot Really need the DIY keyboard. I have the original one, typing is like kicking a dead whale down the beach that stopped me from using it.

@kelbot this is so cool, I was exactly thinking of a pocket pc like this. This proves my concept

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