@kelbot Wow, $549 for Early Bird with those specs?! This is the first device that has caught my eye as a competitor to the Librem 5.

Is a 6 inch laptop even usable? I see myself working with a 10" one but 6... It seems way too small.

@alejandro @nebunez @kelbot
It's not easy, but the form factor's usable. The bigger issue is proper optimizations to make the software usable.

@alejandro @kelbot I look at my smartphone as a computer I can carry in my pocket, but can't use to its full potential. Even if I don't use it regularly, I would rather have the option.

@nebunez @kelbot That is so true. I remember some years ago when Ubuntu launched that massive crowdfunding campaign. I still dream with that phone.


@kelbot Looks interesting. If it can could be used for mobile phone services without Android proper, this might be a nice device to have for those quick notes on the go. Wonder if @gael might be able to put this with /e/.

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