I’m also looking for suggestions for the modern equivalent of a forum or the ethical alternative to Facebook groups.

I’m using nextcloud for collaborating with a small (but soon to grow) group of trusted collaborators and I think it’s the bees knees.

But I’m looking for something that I can give to more casually interested collaborators or potential collaborators. I want them to be able to see our updates, and comment or contribute or subscribe, without requiring a huge investment.

Also, I just discovered the cyberdeck subreddit. Some cool stuff people are building over there for inspiration.

I like the idea of seeing how much utility and fun I can get out of a command line only computer. I think this is likely what I will go for if/when I make a cybredeck. I also plan on having a system like this in the house in a common area to see how much it gets used.

Time to think about what distro to put on my thinkpad that could arrive as early as tomorrow.

Candidates: Debian (testing?), Arch/Parabola, KDE Neon.

Is anyone interested in a small 4 bay server? Intel J3710 fanless CPU, 4GB RAM, 4 1TB drives.

CDC in the US just said to throw out your romaine. It's unsafe in any form here, from all sources.

Please boost

I just shot a short little video of my customized terminal interface on my PocketCHIP to share. It is too big to upload to mastodon so I was going to start a peertube account but...

The eBook storage site and DRM-free bookshop guide Libreture has got a new account on Mastodon. You can follow them here:


and the actual Libreture site is here:


Ugh, it is apparently rather difficult to find a peertube instance that you can actually join. The majority of them are not accepting new accounts. Any suggestions peertube people?

Received the Dayton Audio components (amplifier, battery extension board and cable set) and started testing for the portable, bluetooth stereo speaker. The speakers and the wooden box are from the old design. The small black pcb board is the old Sure Electronics amplifier.

"It’s not about price. It’s libre, not gratis. With any program, there are two possibilities: either the users control the program, or the program controls the users." #DemandFreedom newleftreview.org/II/113/richa

Shuffling cards? That's cool. You paint miniatures? That's alright.

Lemme just show you the most common tool of my trade, which I handle daily. No, it's not the matchstick. I very carefully solder these onto circuit boards, with just a pair of tweezers, and a soldering iron.

I'm struck by a question I never thought I'd have to ask.

What am I going to do with my #cybredeck?

Like, what features should I build in to it? What should I optimize for? Whats the most cybrepunk//solarpunk shit you can do with a computer today?

@gemlog you can try it now, it works directly in the browser:) No need to install anything.

Specifically, the most enticing form factors to me are Chromebooks and there are so many frustrations there. It only took me 4 Chromebooks to finally wash my hands of them.

I'm so tempted by the form factor of some other machines, being slightly thinner and longer battery life but I've learned my lesson. I always get frustrated by the drawbacks.

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