If you're a software developer who, like me, thinks Microsoft & the rest of the "Frightful Five" have way too much power an influence... the best way to take them all down a few pegs is to release the software you write under a #Copyleft license like the GPL/AGPL. They *hate* that, because they can't co-opt it like they can all the "weak" MIT/Apache/BSD licensed open source. #FOSS is MSFT's kryptonite. Pass it on.

And once again, it's time for #CircusInPlace, where a bunch of fediverse clowns work out in their living room, and a bunch of other people hang out with them. Join us!

The spotlight that nobody asked for but you're getting anyway!

Night Knight is a single screen platformer for the system. Very well done and addicting. I have been picking it up in my spare moments all day today.


Kitchen Dashboard Computer 

Once it arrives I will be testing the Pinetab for this.

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Kitchen Dashboard Computer 

I am also thinking that instead of "a dashboard that can do computer things", I will switch the emphasis to "a computer that can do dashboard things". So mostly be a computer but either manually or after a certain period of inactivity have it pull up the dashboard.

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Kitchen Dashboard Computer 

The main things I want are music control (mopidy/mpd, snapcast), media center control (kodi), a couple camera feeds, various bits of information for reference like weather, some server stats etc.

Home Assistant is really cool but is designed to do WAY more than I want to do and thus brings along a lot of unnecessary stuff. So something simpler that can pull all that together.

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Kitchen Dashboard Computer 

This project has kind of languished for a little while as I reconsider what I really want from it. I never really got the whole OS and dashboard interface functioning quite how I wanted it and now I'm not sure I really need to deal with the complexity and maintenance of running Home Assistant to accomplish what I want.


Sad that invido.us is going down. Now I have to re-add my entire youtube RSS feed on another instance. But I do understand and empathize with why they are taking the instance down.

And this not being the end of the world is what makes opensource and decentralization great! 😁

A prioritization would be to find an instance that is easier to spell than invidious though 😅

#floss #libresoftware #tech

My trusty not so pretty music companion 

Some day I'll attempt cramming the DAC inside the odroid go.

Today i hiked up to the marshes at a slightly higher elevation. It was a very hot day, but it was cool here with the wind blowing through.

Pulled my Libre Computer La Frite out to play with this morning and read up what they've been up to since I last checked. They are doing something kind of neat and unique in the SBC space. Their uboot firmware that you flash to the onboard flash has a built in menu for booting and includes tool for downloading and installing different distros. Flashing the uboot firmware was super easy and after booting to the tool I had a distro installed in a few minutes.

More PSP talk 

Even still, the PSP is a dang powerhouse of retro gaming handheld! Emulators for just about everything from N64/PS1 on back. Quite a bit of homebrew apps and games and plugins for adding features and tweaks. My Odroid Go Advance is pretty neat but I actually kind of prefer my trusty PSP for most things. N64 is the only thing the OGA does better than PSP and the OGA does PSP games worse.

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More PSP talk 

Even though the psp is 15 years old retroarch still puts out new releases for it. Unfortunately, a lot of the emulator cores that are included don't work and some even crash the psp. It would be nice to be able to just have retroarch for emulation but installing standalone emulators is pretty much necessary.

No Mozilla. Stop this nonsense. You're saying its ok to like FB and then in the next breath saying they are so untrustworthy that you created a whole new feature to isolate them.

Personal, weight 

I for the longest time considered 150 lbs to be my natural weight. Now that I've been in a routine of regular exercise for a while again and thinking back over the last few years, I think 145 is more accurate. I just have a dickens of a time getting above 146 for an extended period of time.

Hey Mastodon, I need your input: I want to make another Video this week. But what should it be about? ? ? or more GTK apps? Or something completely different?


Anyone else wondering if they'll remember how to act in public once its safe again?

And the clowns are being silly in their living room again. .. and who knows who else will be there. Maybe You!

Got something starting to look like a folding #pinephone case here. Need to figure out a keyboard to go in it.

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