Hello Mastodon!
This is going to be my first self-promotional toot.

Hello, hi, my name is Veronica.

I have finally published my #gamewriting portfolio, and to not let it go in vain, I am sharing it here in hope of like-minded people finding it.


I am looking for #indie #videogames projects who need a writer, even smallest jobs. I am also interested in #narrativedesign tasks.

Boosts and recommendations to friends are tremendously appreciated.

#gamedev #writing

We ❤️ open source. Your Tutanota client is fully published as open source software. 😍 We even built our own captcha instead of using Google's Captcha. Read here why: tutanota.com/blog/posts/open-s

The China firewall is extreme.
However, there is technology at Youtube (Google) and Facebook to audit ISIS content. Yet, they don't use it for racist posts.

This is not motivated from some sort of benevolent place of free speech, but IT MAKES THEM MONEY.

That's truly sick. That's why you should encourage people to leave their platforms.

The mower is a recent addition and was my biggest uncertainty. I'm impressed so far with both how good it has cut and the battery life.

I think the best thing I said today was that a human, an animal highly evolved as an endurance athlete, isn't well suited to sit still for 8 hours a day.


The future often doesn't manifest how we expect it to. I now have 1 hybrid electric vehicle and all electric yard tools. Not a single ICE among my mower, leaf blower or trimmer and it is amazing.

It sounds like a lot of good improvements are hitting mycroft. Will hopefully get to try the update out soon now that I have unboxed my Mark I.

19.02 Release Notes - Mycroft Major Release - Mycroft

Twice a year, Mycroft releases major updates to the platform. These are Release Notes for the Mycroft 19.02 release.


Found a nifty, cable less, solution for adding additional SSD storage 💾 to my workstation📱Single PCIe x1 slot required. I can even boot 🥾 from the drives 👍 #WimpysWorld wimpysworld.io/2Fbnb6f

ethical hacking
ethical bricklaying
ethical cooking
ethical cashiering
ethical pole dancing
ethical shitposting

Physical like Pinball or skee-ball or fascination or shooting galleries or similar.

Please #StopUsingMedium. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

Indie Web Server

If you want to run your own personal web server, this is as easy as it gets.

- Zero-configuration

- Seamless TLS for development and production (without certificate warnings + A grade on SSL Labs in production).

- Command-line: use it to serve your static web site

- API: build your own dynamic web app on it in Node.js using Express, etc.



#SmallTech #IndieWebServer

I get some pleasure out of OpenStreetMap data, and I think it’s important that we have unencumbered access to this kind of data and combat the almost monopoly that G. has on it.

As such, I have become an associate OpenStreetMap Foundation member for a mere GPB 15.00 per year.

Care to join as well? It’s easy, it’s painless, and it keeps their engines going. :-)


@diodelass I don't even mind electron, but I hate that it's mostly as a crutch to lazy development. It's brought the worst of the web to the desktop at massive expense to the end user, under the banner of "developer UX".

No matter what webdevs in SV keep pushing, no, RAM isn't cheap. No one in my house has more than 4GB in their laptops.

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