This is pretty rad. 4.7 inch eink display powered by an esp32 and has an 18650 battery connector built in for only $25. It says its no longer available though :-/.

I'm drinking and on video chat. Please come to if you want to talk about or other stuff.

The urls for these streams do indicate a season and episode number which is also different than any of the databases for most of the episodes. So annoying. I'm not sure what the least bothersome solution to this is. Maybe naming them with the pbskids url indicated season/episode and not letting kodi scrape those folders?

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Not to mention that with some of these shows all 3 of the most popular movie/tv databases disagree significantly on episode numbers.

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The way a lot of the pbskids shows present episodes as one episode and with 2 episodes inside it is a pain in the butt for naming and getting them correctly identified in kodi.

Me every time I try to scp to a folder with spaces in it: 16 tries later...YES! I should make note of this for next time.

Me days or weeks later next time this comes up: Curse you lazy past self!

Currently sleuthing around figuring out how to download the episodes off of

@technomancy Spilljackers keeps crashing on me but its likely its my own setup that is to blame. I'm playing it on my Odroid Go Advance through retroarch tic80 core. Just thought I'd mention it. The OGA is pretty good for what it is but its no powerhouse of a CPU so it may just not be able to handle it. I get some stutters on some other carts too.

I maintain that I'm not a fan of #coffee but I do like the caffeine and it is a socially acceptable way to consume that psychoactive drug.

I have found that I can like coffee if it's good.
I make it using a moka pot using preground stuff because I don't want to buy a grinder.
I tend to drink it black but sometimes use the French Press to froth milk.

I think it's probably as good as it can be without spending money and time.

But I wonder... Has anyone have any tips on improving my experience?

I'm pretty excited for the upcoming release of Owncast, an open-source video streaming solution (think self-hosted Twitch)!

@gabek is testing the latest version in preparation for the next release, streaming some tunes on his Owncast instance at right now!

Drop by and say hello in the chat, if you want to see Owncast in action!

So much this. So many address collisions when I started this job.

cyberpunk hot take: the cloud is just low-rent coffin hotels for your data and just as seedy. make sure you wipe everything down.

@mike I have a Pi 3B+ with a Pimoroni hyperpixel (4 in display) hat that isn't doing anything. Kind of seems like a perfect candidate to be a diy mark II.

@kelbot you might know this and save me some digging: is it possible to set up mycroft without tying it to their account management system @


Once the keyboard attachment is available plasma desktop might work well with some tweaks and maybe a custom theme to better fit the screen size and touchscreen interaction.

Oh there is a wayland way to do application forwarding over your LAN.

Anyone tried it?

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