My hiphop name is lil pcb

droppin mad traces
sub 2 millimeters
via yo bridges
100 copper layers

I did a small pseudo 3d road engine test on PICO-8.
I will probably need to add a car on it one day :D

I don’t know what the solution is. Some people think they have it, but they end up conflicting or being unrealistic. People are selfish since we’re wired for self-preservation and the survival of our own “tribe”

Have a sleepy bear

Nothing seems to change because people are driven by self-interest in the end and that’s woefully inadequate for the world we live in. We’ve clothed ourselves in technology without changing as a species

Have a shy raccoon

Computers are rubbish. Deliberately and arbitrarily crippled in some cases and programmed to violate your privacy most of the time. The mobiles are designed to implode so you’ll burn cash you don’t have just to stay connected to fellow humans

Have a snowman

I didn't just do this as its 80 F here. I was just remembering that feeling as I see everybody posting photos of themselves in the snow.

Is there a more cozy feeling than when you come in from being out in the snow and sit down with a warm drink?

The second post in my Making a Light Website series just went live, and we're talking about improving the design.

I have not been very impressed with the software for the Pinebook (OG 1080p 11.6" version). Neon was probably the best experience overall but kind of sluggish in use. Manjaro Plasma was ok until I ran some updates and it got super choppy and the CPU usage is super high at idle making it unusable. Not sure if I'm going to mess with it anymore or just let it sit until I can buy the upgrade for it.

Odroid Go Advance now has a Debian Buster port. That is going to be fun to see what kind of pocket linux hijinks you can do.

It is very flat where I live, though I rode about 80% of the time using the throttle only. I would pedal during takeoff some of the time or for short bursts to back up to speed. Never remotely close to sweating.

Radrunner ebike range test (partial)

About 31 miles total today and still showing 3 out of 5 LEDs on the capacity display.

Original pinebook owners. Any thoughts on what is my best bet for a distro to run CLI only?

It's pretty heckin satisfying to assemble an operational computer from hole-through components and open design PCBs over the course of a couple weeks of "free time"

Highly recommended, tbh.

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