I mean, look at this. That does not look comfortable to play purely based on ergonomics. Then trying to see anything on that tiny screen...no thanks.

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Here is another ESP32 based gaming handheld. This one is REALLY small with a 1.3 inch screen. That's a little too small to be very enjoyable to play I think. I'm also not sure why they included 4 face buttons and shoulder buttons on such a small device that can't really emulate any systems that use all those buttons.

Adding another tool to my terminal toolbox for use on this Pinetab. lftp is working for putting new roms on my odroid go (original) in conjuction with the ogo-ftpd firmware. The ogo-ftpd server is pretty stripped down so I get errors and sometimes have to let it retry a couple times before it will transfer the file but it works! Well enough for putting a few new roms on there. For transfer a lot of files I would just pull the sd card out and put it in a reader for the faster speeds.

I have gemini capsules and gemlogs bookmarks strewn out across all the different clients I've been trying out. I should really get a better system in place.

are there any particularly nice maybe niche linux distros you all like? i need to set up a new laptop for work stuff (slack discord etc)

void is maybe the nicest one i’ve found but wondering if there are others that are maybe even simpler - like slackware but updated maybe. only hard requirement is no systemd

Good news! My ssl issues are no more. So if you had trouble loading it when I posted it before you can try again.


@schwurbel@nerdculture.de @rudolf @exquisitecorp

If it doesn't have an RSS feed, it's not a podcast.

Gemini SSL troubles 

gemini-diagnostics is telling me it can't verify the certificate when I use satellite but I don't know why. When I use a-h/gemini the SSL cert verfies correctly. The same clients still cannot connect in either case. :thaenkin:

[TLSVerified] Certificate should be self-signed or have a trusted issuer
Connecting over verified SSL socket
x [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1123)

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Still trying to figure out what the deal is with the handshake errors in some clients trying to load my capsule. Tried two different servers and have redone the ssl certs. The same clients have the issue with both. I'm getting this in the log which makes it look like its the client's fault.

gemini: failed TLS handshake from ***.***.***.***:****: tls: client offered only unsupported versions: [303 302 301]

Theory about videogames 

Replacing humans/animals with robots in all violent videogames would simultaneously make them appear less violent and more awesome. I see no downside other than be unfair to robots. You could also modify the combat to be disabling the robots instead of blowing them up.

Do any of my loving followers have any tips for figuring out why my site is getting a Handshake failure on some clients but working fine on others?

@kelbot might it be an idea to also provide a lower res version of the attached images with your posts, to make it a bit more mobile friendly for those who want to see the pics? :)

My site is now *LIVE*! Get it while its fresh. Only a gemlog there now but I plan to flesh it out a little with some other content relevant to my interests.


PS. Feel free to reply to this toot with your own gemini site/gemlog if you feel so inclined.

Breath a sigh of relief fediverse, for now that I have a gemlog you are saved from the most inane and long-winded of my ramblings.

The compact size and light weight are really nice for being pocketable.

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