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The good thing about Pi-Hole is not that it blocks ads.
The good thing is that it gathers statistics on how much spyware my family uses and that I can show them those nice graphs.

Super Mario 64 has been decompiled, in its entirety, basically by hand (writing code until it compiles into the right binary)


1. Among other instances, I moderate and + am one of #Trunk's admins.

I also contribute to Lollipop Cloud - which is a project trying to help others self-host.
You may know it as @cloud on Fedi.

Donations welcome:

2. @funkwhale is one of my fav projects and I can't wait for some of the new things to come to it that I know they're working on! :blobaww:

T460 also looks even better and I might be able to snag a good deal for one under $400.

I'm looking for a used Thinkpad for my wife. She wants 13-14" display, doesn't need any 2 in 1 functionality and probably 16GB RAM minimum and a solid CPU. I'm trying to figure out where the sweet spot is for bang for your buck. T450 looks pretty good with i7-5600u, 16gb ram in the $300-$400 range. I think a full HD resolution is a necessity as well.

Any tips on good models to look out for?


Norwegian woman Ayla Kirstine developed an unusual skill — running and jumping like a horse because of her love for horses. Love takes so many wondrous forms👇


I found this cool map today. It shows the world very nearly without distortions of size, but still in a rectangle and still useful for navigation. e.g. africa is bigger than north america - as it really is, and so on.

Here is the main site in Japan and the '2' at the top of the page will show you the 5 transforms he did to achieve the result. He wants to make it more fine-grained with even less distortion.

AuthaGraph オーサグラフ 世界地図


Hello, world!

This is the first toot from an official account for #Glimpse, a new fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Follow me for updates on this cool new project.

"The Eye is a non-profit, community driven site dedicated towards archiving and long-term preservation of any and all data including but by no means limited to... websites, books, games, software, video, sound, other digital-obscura and ideas."

I'm not on a Tilde server but just looking through that list makes me happy:

We picked up one these folding bikes this week. It isn't easy to tell from looking at it but if is electric. Battery pack hidden the frame and a small hub motor in the back wheel. Can be ridden like a moped by only using the throttle or you can pedal and it will help you out.

Congratulations USA for this World Cup!
And Megan Rapinoe, your rock!

Rainy day and this tree frog got comfy on the front door window.

I gave myself a goal of extracting myself completely from Google products by July 4th. I’m happy to say that I’ve replaced or simply thrown-away everything I depended on Google for by now.

However along the way I locked myself out of my Google account, and I can’t convince them to let me back in, so I can’t kill it.

It’s my GoogleGhost.

Suddenly obsessed with the Subaru XT and its super-cyber-vaporwave cockpit.

Odroid Go friends: You need this alternative firmware.

"This is a mod of odroid-go-firmware. It allows to keep installed multiple applications at once, allowing you to switch instantly between them."

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