I'm going to get some better photos when its not dark and rainy but for now, check out this rad machine now with passenger seat and cargo box.

This thing is somewhere between a bike, a moped and a station wagon.

I'm going to get some better photos when its not dark and rainy but for now, check out this rad machine now with passenger seat and cargo box.

What about that. Even the aquatic mammals 🐳 are joining the 15th birthday party of #ubuntu 🎂. "Natty Narwhal" (Inspired by Ubuntu release 11.04.) brought fish friends along. 🐠 🎉 #art #illustration #mastoart

My new hobby: Checking out Curious George and Daniel Tiger DVDs from the library and ripping them to my server for my kids to watch.

I recently installed the Nextcloud app "Maps" which basically is just openstreetmap. However, it has some integrations with your accounts that are pretty neat when you consider its all selfhosted and private. If you have a location information embedded in your photos in your nextcloud gallery they will appear on the map in the location they were taken. Any of your contacts with addresses will appear on the map.

Well, ebike work didn't happen today :(. Will try again tomorrow. I'm especially dying to get the passenger seat on mine and see how it looks along with the cargo box.

IMO you really ought to join me in supporting my friend Nicola Rose's film about a boy who wants to be a beauty queen. indiegogo.com/projects/biff-me

Still found (and fixed!) a last minute bug in #MSX Quartet. It didn't correctly show the stars you get when "looping" the max score of 50.000

Releasing to a real physical medium is nerve wracking. Once I send the rom file off, it's done. Any mistakes will be there for eternity.

My overall strategy for game consoles is hack them all so I can play whatever I want and not have a massive physical collection to store. Just buy physical copies of my favorite games for the collection.

I had no idea there was a typing game on the Dreamcast. A zombie typing game!

I will be posting some more photos of the ebike soon. I have installed the front cargo box and have a passenger seat and foot pegs to install still. I also need to build the 2nd ebike that arrived the other day. Hopefully I will be able to get to all that today.

@kelbot I do. I don’t want to, but as a former motorcyclist I’m familiar with the importance of them (especially since most serious motorcycle accidents happen at low speed).

I bought this one because it does the job and was cheap enough that I won’t feel bad getting rid of it when I find one I really like 🤣


I got some new t-shirts in the mail today. I'll post some shots of them being worn when I wear them.

I'm pretty pleased with how they both came out. Neither is perfectly in line with the original design it is emulating, but they are both good enough for me. (The babel fish is Almost Perfect, but I got the kerning off a little bit. The Space Patrol one has a problem with the letter T that I don't want to try to fix.)

The latest Humble Book Bundle includes a really great game dev book on Raspberry Pi + Lua.

It's $1 USD, and this is an *excellent* book. You should buy it if interested in Lua and/or game development.


@requiem are you wearing a helmet on your ebike? If yes, which one did you get? Not judging if you aren't i'm just looking for a good looking helmet that I will actually want to wear. I have typically not worn a helmet on my bicycle but consistently higher speeds of an ebike and setting a good example now that I have children means I will be wearing a helmet.

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