I think I have a card reader with a memory stick slot stashed away somewhere...

I had an original fat model 1000 too and this slim 3000 model is nice and light and much more pocketable. It has USB charging and video output as well which the 1000 lacked.

PSP hacking appears to have gotten much easier since back when I originally had one. Also, this one has an original Sony battery and appears to be holding a charge. That's good.

Now to read up on the current best method to get custom firmware on the PSP.

I know I said I wasn't going to buy anymore gaming stuff but this massive circus themed flea market has an awesome video game stall.

Yes, cybrehaven.bbs is the alias I'm using for the BBSs onion address.

Yes, it is in The Sprawl, USA.

Yes my name is ZeroCool.

Yes I am deriving some perverse pleasure out of how c y b e r p u n k this all is.

If your friends are friends of love then they're all friends of mine.


Okay, the cookout ended up being like 6 or 7 hours long, and then we just hung out at the park by the water.

So progress has been sparse, but here we go:

re: Thoughts on an ideal utilitarian e-bike 

My wife gets frustrated with me when we go to the beach because she wants lay around relaxing. I can only lay on the beach for a short time before I want to get up and run around, swim, play Frisbee, skim board...

I'm still planning on getting a PSP and a PS2 but I have enough to keep me busy for a while. A really good deal will pop up on those eventually.

I have some games to play now. I need to spend more time playing them and less time shopping for more for a little while 😃.

When did 90% of all video games become shooters? Where is the creativity and unique gameplay these days?

The goal is to end the evening with new zines on the following topics:

- What is encryption and how do I leverage it?
- Secure communication and You
- Discovering the Hidden Internet
- Host it yourself
- Roll your own media server
- probably some other stuff too? I have a bunch of finished or half finished 4 - 16 page zines from when we were running the record store that I need to start distributing.

Spent three-ish days camping with the SolarHome 620 and it did the job. I used it to charge my phone and watch overnight, and used two of the lights (one hanging and the built-in light) and came home with almost half the battery left.

I should probably write a more detailed post soon.

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