Is Carnet slow on your Android, if it is, can you give more info on what is slow exactly ?

Actions, android version, phone specifications, sync on nextcloud/owncloud(via nextcloud app or directly within carnet)


are you paid from google to say it is slow ? 😱

I'm starting a blog about Carnet. About me me me me because I'm a great topic

Feel free to boost it :)

New Article

Carnet Update 1: The Futuuuree

Exactly a year and a month ago, I left my job at Archos and around July, I started to work again on a 2015 project called QuickDoc(...)

Reason #462 why used thinkoads are the best computer buy: I just realized that the tablet mode works as expected without any tweaking needed and audio auto switches when headphones are plugged in. I attribute this mostly to the fact that its just old enough that everything is well supported in the Linux kernel and all kinks have been worked out.

These two devices would be excellent for off grid/Apocalypse computing.

I don't care how long its been around. Solar panels are fascinating and magical. I charged my ereader and odroid go with a small inexpensive panel while I went for a nice walk. That's so cool.

Hey friends, since I have almost no friends on Mastodon, promo me and help me find people.

I'm a furry artist and musician who's into programming, and video games. My tastes are very eclectic so I'm into most things.

Yep, feels like home. I've been in town for less than a week and there have been multiple tornadoes in the area. At least 3 so far.

We're getting closer to a first public release!

You can now post images and other media in Telephant, and posts now show all their attached media items in the panes.

As usual, I've already updated the latest 0.1pre releases, so you can check those changes out yourself!

Get it here:

Milkshakes are fine, but I prefer a vegan alternative, like bricks

Wow! This is amazing. With the latest AnySoftKeyboard update swipe typing gestures are actually useable!

This one goes out to @kelbot

- esp32 MCU
- DFRobot solar charger (dynamic on/off)
- E-ink display
- esphome
- Deep sleep

Hold my 🍺

The ultimate cheat sheet?

* curl or browser interface
* 56 programming languages
* several DBMSes
* 1000+ UNIX commands
* CLI interface too (
* Use directly from code editors

#Linux #UNIX #CheatSheet #FOSS #FLOSS #SysAdmin

Its like they are written with a target audience of idiots that will believe whatever a commercial tells them. But then again I just realized that it was on CMT during Home Improvement reruns so...

I haven't had cable television or really watched much television for 10+ years and my goodness the commercials are SOOOO terrible and...propaganda-y. Like just way over the top hyperbolic and just bad. I don't remember it being so annoying.

The early 90's: a time when advertising that your PC monitor will only irradiate you "a little bit" was a feature. :blobowo:

☢️ :crt_w_prompt: ☢️

@kelbot If you're building sensors I got deep sleep working on the esp32's


You'll need a GPIO pin to make it work with esphome but it's do-able.


There will certainly be more esp32 boards in my future.

I now have 5 Pis, 3 odroids, 1 espressobin and 1 esp32 deployed for various purposes.

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