Time to shine #LinuxRocks: What would be your recommendations for a lightweight (Xorg) webbrowser to replace Firefox/Chromium for daily use?

@TheGibson this is exactly why smartwatchs need haptics based games that can be played by using subtle hand movements as input and subtle vibrations as output :thonking:

In my investigation of calibre eBook feed recipes I discovered a really neat Sci-Fi and fantasy short story site/magazine called Galaxy's Edge.


Having available images and good support for arch and Debian is actually one of the main factors for me when purchasing new systems.

1. Arch/Debian
2. Debian/Arch
3. *ubuntu
4. Antergos
5. Alpine

I made my list based on how much I use each distro. The vast majority of my systems are Arch or some form of Debian. 3-5 are pretty far behind.

Oooo I din't play this yet.

1. Archlabs Linux (w/i3-Gaps)
2. KDE Neon
3. Manjaro i3
4. Manjaro Cinnamon
5. elementary

I might be late, but here's my :

1. Arch Linux
2. Qubes OS
3. Parabola
4. Fedora
5. Debian


1. :archlinux: Arch
2. :antergos: Antergos
3. :solus: Solus... probably
4. :opensuse: Tumbleweed... maybe
5. :gentoo: Gentoo... perhaps

1. :debian: Debian
2. :debian: Debian
3. :debian: Debian
4. :debian: Debian
5. :freebsd: FreeBSD is supposed to be good, too, I hear...

Top 5 Linux distros:

1. GuixSD :gnu:
2. Bedrock Linux 🌋
3. Void Linux :voidlinux:
4. Alpine Linux :alpinelinux:
5. Arch linux :archlinux:

(had to be a be creative for the icons for the first two)

I am doing all this old school Unix stuff in bed with two halves of an ergonomic mechanical keyboard. I feel like I'm hacking from a recumbent bicycle. And that's okay, because I wanted to be microship.com/winnebiko/ when I grew up.

"Buried in the new #Apple #iPhone and #AppleTV privacy policy is an unannounced program that uses information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive...to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase."



Top 5 Linux distros

1. Debian Stable :debian:
2. Kubuntu :kubuntu:

Don't have a #3, #4 or #5, nothing else really does it for me.

My 3 Distro suggestions for nascent Linux users, and why

#ElementaryOS easy to install, good community , a developer who cares in @cassidyjames has a nice layout is easy to use and a good ethic.

#PureOS is a great entry into 'Free' computing if you have supported hardware.

#ArchLinux Yes, for new users, Arch is not as difficult to install as some make out, the rewards of taking your time to install really pay off big dividends in having an installation that is yours and not someone else's idea of what a distro should be, not all learning curves are to be feared.
Ok, multitasking here:


1. Arch Linux
2. Debian
3. Armbian / #freedombone
4. DietPi
5. .... Puppy? .... not sure


1. ArchLinux
2. Debian
3. OpenBSD
4. HaikuOS
5. FreeDOS


1. QuteBrowser
2. SSH
3. KeepPass (database)
4. SyncThing
5. MC

My #top5distros
1. Fedora (Xfce, KDE, Cinnamon, NOT Gnome :D )
2. Manjaro i3
3. Antergos
4. Kubuntu
5. Linux Mint Cinnamon

my #Top5Distros

1. Arch
2. Antergos
3. Manjero
4. ....
5. ....

i guess i dont have much to say on this.. and honestly, the order of those top 3 could change and i woudnt notice much,

just install I3WM and yay and then forget about it...

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