@distrotube why do you post YouTube links? Would odyssey links be good as well?

@firefoss I post my videos to YouTube, and Odyssey syncs from YouTube. So the Odyssey links don't exist yet when I post the YouTube links. Depending on how busy their servers are, Odyssey might take a few minutes to a few hours to finally have the video up.

@distrotube @firefoss You can also get an extension called "watch on odysee" which would redirect you towards odysee channels if that account is synced. There is also one that redirects you towards Invidious links, which would be for all of youtube like "privacy redirect" or "libredirect" :) Playing a link in MPV is also an option too

@karson777 @distrotube

I Dont mind YouTube was just curious because I watch his things more on odyssey these days. It doesn't bother me to watch it on yt at all though.

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