We're evolving the governance features of karrot and looking for examples of existing community guidelines, rules, agreements, etc.

This is to make sure the model we come up with will be usable for a range of different groups with different approaches.

Any you can share with us?

To get the ball rolling the noisebridge ones are a good example for us to look at -->

Boosts for visibility welcome!


@karrot I don't know if you're already familiar with sociocracy, but if I was evolving governance features, I'd go for it.

@Stoori thanks! I'm loosely familiar with it.

To clarify, we're evolving the features inside karrot that the different groups will be able to use to govern their groups.

As it's used by many different groups with different organising styles, we can't enforce them to use sociocracy, so have to make it a bit more flexible than that.

Right now we're thinking about how to represents the rules (or agreements) groups have, whether one (or more) big texts, or seperated rules, maybe in categories.

@bhaugen thanks! We actually had a call with @ntnsndr about it quite recently, and have been looking at community rule quite a lot!

We're tackling the same topic really :)

Right now we're specifically thinking about the rules/agreements that groups have made and how to model their structure. Whether it's one big text, or lots of seperate (possibly categorised) rules, or maybe a flexible approach.

The aim in future iterations would be to facilitate democratic management of changes to them too

Theres this project, that sadly fizzled out, but may have something useful to offer?

@dazinism ah, sad it fizzled out, I remembering looking at that before.

I didn't realise the software platform had decision making features and document change tracking stuff in it. I assumed (from the name) it's about creating the org, then that's it...

I struggled to find the actual documents though, some in `data/` folder. Hmm.

Although for Karrot I'm expecting more need for stuff like: "when you put food in the fridge you should check off your name on the sheet"

@karrot In my searchings, I've found that a lot of the people pragmatic enough to get initiatives up and going have governance hand-written, printed, in heads or stored digitally somewhere private. They typically don't see the value in publicising governance stuff.

So perhaps calling/messaging some sample initiatives directly is something to consider? It's also work!

@douginamug indeed!

We've managed to get some docs from some of the existing karrot groups.

Also, the kanthaus docs are useful reference point too.

One idea we're considering is to support multiple docs with a title, overview, and full text, then some democratic change management features for each doc.

Originally, we were thinking about each seperate bullet point in a doc as a small "micro agreement" and managing them on that level. But they seem to make sense in the context of a container.

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