Woo, we just merged a long awaited change: you can organise more than just food pickups!

For now we just added a few common types including meetings, but the next iteration will include the ability to define your own custom types per group.

It's part of the long awaited vision to make karrot suitable for general purpose community organising. We'll probably have group templates in the future... like foodsaving group, community garden, bike kitchen, etc...

/by social.coop/@nicksellen


I just deployed this change yesterday so it's live at karrot.world

Next step is custom defined types, which is actually already needed coded.

What would be great is to have input from people/groups that might like to use it for stuff like community gardens, bike kitchens, mutual aid groups, food rescue..

Karrot provides democratic membership empowerment* + communication + task co-ordination features.

* to avoid saying "management"!

/by social.coop/@nicksellen

@karrot Is karrot like freecycle with a more modern ui? And with the ability to set categories?

@jiminycricket hey! Oops, I'm not so good at notifications yet!

Karrot is a very different model to Freecycle as we're focused on supporting groups (communities) of people to organise themselves around a project/activity.

Freecycle (and my preferred one in the UK, freegle) are more focused on direct person to person sharing activities.

So perhaps think of karrot as more like a self-organised version of volunteer management software.

Does that make sense?

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